A Message From President William E. Battista
January 2019

The Overfalls Foundation was built on the time and effort put forth by many dedicated member volunteers. Now our members are getting older and busier every year. We need to encourage new membership, especially younger folks to keep our organization active for years to come. All of our members are important to us and we appreciate all you have done and are doing for the foundation. Please continue to support us. If you have any suggestions on fund raising ideas or how to increase our membership rolls please feel free to contact me with that information.

There is always maintenance work to do on the ship but that is only a small portion of the help that is needed within our organization. There is help needed with the tours; we need to have more trained guides and docents in the Ship’s Store to greet guests and help with staging the tours. We need help with fund raising and keeping up the ship with repairs and overhauls. The opening Gala, a huge event which takes many individuals to run, is our main fundraising event each year. The list goes on and on.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our membership roles have been stable but unchanged for the past few years. We encourage everyone to tell our story to friends and acquaintances and urge them to join our organization.

On another note: In the past, members were asked to store artifacts at home as we had no safe central storage facility. That is no longer the case. If there are members who still have artifacts (including, but not limited to, pictures) in their possession, we ask them to please return these items to our curator, Dr. Ray Glick. We have a secure and temperature-controlled facility where all artifacts can be itemized and stored. We appreciate the fact that you may have been maintaining and keeping these items in safe storage, but we would like to have them returned. Dr. Glick can be reached through our website www.overfalls.org.

Thank you for all you are doing and have done for our historic Lightship Overfalls.

William E. Battista
President Overfalls Foundation

219 Pilottown Road - P.O. Box 413 - Lewes, DE 19958 - Telephone 302-644-8050
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