The Overfalls Foundation welcomes all offers of donated artifacts as long as they (1) adhere to the guidelines for artifact evaluation prior to acceptance as set forth by the American Association of Museums (AAM), and (2) are approved by The Overfalls Foundation Board of Directors.

The AAM guidelines are:

  • Any Item(s), for acceptance, should be directly relevant to the Lightship Service or Lightships.

  • A background of the item as to: source, ownership and its history is extremely helpful and valuable.

Additionally, each item will be reviewed by the Overfalls Collection Management Committee and requires that the artifact be accompanied by a Temporary Artifact Receipt signed by the potential donor. Any item without an executed Temporary Artifact Receipt will not be accepted.

The Collections Committee will then make its recommendation to the Board of Directors. The final decision for acceptance is to be made by the Board of Directors.

Should the item be accepted into the Collection, the final step is a Deed Of Gift, signed by the owner and spouse/partner. This signed Deed Of Gift releases the item, fully unencumbered, in perpetuity, to the Overfalls Foundation.

We are grateful to receive relevant artifacts, however, due to limited display space we cannot promise an item will always be on display.