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Planned Giving

The Foundation has initiated a planned giving program to raise the funds necessary to ensure the Lightship Overfalls’ sustainability indefinitely.  Participants in the program will be designated Navigators and their generosity will be recognized and remembered.
The Overfalls Foundation has completed the nearly impossible task of turning a rust bucket in a muddy hole into a beautifully preserved ship in a setting worthy of the vessel and the crews who served aboard.  Now an endowment fund is necessary to sustain her.  Your planned gift, which costs you nothing during your lifetime, will build this endowment and give you the comfort of knowing that you have made a significant contribution toward preserving this treasure for future generations.

Your Will affirms and protects what matters in your life - - your family, your values and the legacy to pass on to future generations.

Through estate planning, you can help ensure that the important piece of maritime heritage which we painstakingly brought back from the brink of extinction will be there for your grandchildren and their grandchildren. A will brings peace of mind to you and certainty to your loved ones. It may also be your most significant opportunity to establish a legacy to sustain the preserved ship which is so close to your heart.

There are many ways to make a planned gift including (but not limited to) the following:

  • A bequest in your will
  • Gifts of stocks or other assets
  • A beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy, 401K plan or IRA
  • A life income gift, and
  • A charitable lead trust

Remember, a key person in this conversation should be your attorney or financial planner to ensure that, while your gift will sustain the ship, it will work in concert with your own personal financial needs. 

A good start prior to launch

Tracy Mulveny, former President,
Overfalls Foundation

The Overfalls Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run with tight financial controls to maximize the funds available to support the mission.

Using the Lightship Overfalls as its
centerpiece, the Overfalls Foundation will collect, preserve, honor and teach maritime history for the benefit of current and future generations.

Like other maritime heritage organizations, the Foundation is not able to sustain the ship with operational revenue alone. The Navigators, who participate in this program, make it possible to have an historic ship in Lewes. Their generosity will not be forgotten and will be appreciated for
generations to come.

Call me to have a member of our
committee contact you to discuss your options for becoming a Navigator.

Thank you,
Tracy Mulveny

The campaign hasn’t started yet but some leaders have already come forward. They say:

“We have come too far with the ship to let her slip back. This gift is our part to ensure that we stay on course.”
Bill and Joan Reader

“There’s magic in that old red ship. Anything is possible if we do our part. For us, joining the Navigators is a major element in doing our part.”
Dave and Mary Bernheisel

Possibly you have already made a planned gift.  If so, the Foundation would like to thank and recognize you.  The forms of recognition (all optional at your discretion) include:

  • Being listed as a Navigator on the Foundation’s web site
  • Receiving a unique Navigator lapel pin
  • Being acknowledged as a Navigator in a permanent display near the ship

Possible Illustrative Language for Your Attorney

A Specific Bequest;
“I give, bequeath, and devise (dollar amount) to the Overfalls Foundation, or its successor, now or formerly located in city of Lewes, 219 Pilottown Road, P.O. Box 413 in the state of Delaware, to be used for its general purposes.”

A Residuary Bequest:
“I give, bequeath, and devise (all, or ____ percent of) the rest, residue, and remainder of the property, both real and personal, wherever situated, which I own or may be entitled to at my death to the Overfalls Foundation, or its successor, now or formerly located in city of Lewes, 219 Pilottown Road, P.O. Box 413 in the state of Delaware, to be used for its general purposes.”

Specific Information for Your Attorney

Overfalls Foundation

219 Pilottown Road,
P.O. Box 413,
Lewes, Delaware 19958

Tax Status:
Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Tax I.D.: 51-0404500

Additional information available from the Overfalls Planned Giving Committee

To Get Started

The Foundation is ready to discuss options with you.  Contact the Planned Giving Chair, Al Klineburger at, or any Board member for help in how your gift can be implemented. Thank you for considering joining in this worthy cause.

Download the Planned Giving Brochure (pdf)