The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame honors those who have given uniquely and generously of skill, energy, heart, and time in building Delaware’s maritime heritage. This event is sponsored by the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation (OMMF), a volunteer organization that is committed to preserving one of America’s last remaining lightships.  An important part of its mission is “to collect, preserve, honor and teach the maritime history of the Delaware Bay and the coastal region.”Annually outstanding inductees into the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame will be honored for their contribution to Delaware’s maritime heritage.

Since its initial 1631 whaling settlement, Delaware has had an intimate relationship with the sea. Watermen, pilots, lifesavers, navigators, tradesmen, businessmen, and military personnel depend on their proximity to the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean for their life’s work. The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame will educate future generations about Delaware’s maritime heritage.

The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame selects and inducts individuals who meet the criteria and spirit of contribution of Delaware's maritime heritage. In prior years, a total of 59 individuals have been honored for their contributions and inducted into the Hall.

Prior Year Inductees

2021 2018 2016
2015 2014 2013
2012 2011 2010
2009 2008 2007


  • Nominees must have made a significant impact upon the lives of others.

  • Their contributions to maritime heritage should have lasting significance.

  • Distinguished selfless achievements also may be the basis for recognition.

  • Nominees must be native-born Delawareans or have a strong connection to the state. 

  • If the nominee is deceased, the same requirements apply.

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Financial Considerations

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