Lowe's Community Assistance Project Rebuilds Store Front Porch

The Lowe's store located at Five Points selected the Overfalls Foundation as the recipient of a community assistance project. The project replaced the aging porch of the Foundation's Ship's Store and Welcome Center and was completed in July 2016.

Together, the Foundation and Lowe's defined the project and developed the specifications. On the appointed day, the crew of Lowe's employees, all the material and their equipment appeared on site in sweltering heat. The next couple of days was a beehive of activity as the old came down and the new went up.

"Everything went perfectly," said Sue Townsend, Ship's Store Manager. "Our old porch had become an eyesore; it was not the first impression of the foundation we wanted to convey to our visitors. Our ship is a National Historical Landmark set in middel of a beautiful park, and Lowe's effort has made what was a liability to that picture into an asset."