Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Oct. 17, 2014, 2014 Net House, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 8:58 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Sue Townsend, Guy Townsend, Dennis Reardon, Brook Hedge,  Don Smith, Bill Battista, Robert Perri , Dave Bernheisel and Tom Wrubel


Tracy Mulveny called the meeting to order.  Al Didden was elected board President. Tracy nominated Ray Glick as Vice President, Eric Van Gilder as Treasurer and Bob Gibson as Secretary.  Ray brought up the point that he will not run for president in the future and did the board want this situation to persist in the future.  There was a short discussion and it was felt Ray could best help support Al Didden as vice president.  A vote was taken and the nominees were approved.


1.        Secretary’s Report:

September board meeting minutes were approved as submitted. 


2.        Treasurer’s Report:

·         Eric was not confident in the accuracy of the expenses on the page he distributed. 

·         Under receipts, Annual Giving for this year is approaching about the same amount as last year.  The Hall of Fame event will make about $4,000.

·         We have about $100,000 in cash.  Eric made a motion to move an additional $25,000 to the reserve fund which passed unanimously.  This still leaves a total of $87,000 available ($22k in checking and $65k in a money market account).

·         At the finance committee meeting much of the discussion was about the cost of future maintenance.  Robert Perri will pull old records of what it cost the last time the ship was pulled as a reference point.

·         Eric is working on a State Grant in Aid application.  Last time we asked for $5000 and received $2200.

·         Budget time is coming up.  Eric will need expense forecasts from each committee.


3.        Issues for discussion:

·         Appointment of new check signers:  It was decided to hold off on the appointment of new check signers until the new position of Execution Director is finalized.  The new executive director will need check signing privileges.

·         Creation of Executive Director Position: It is felt that this is an appropriate time to establish this position.  The new president does not live in Lewes full time and our organization has a lot to do on an ongoing basis.  Also, the position would appear to the public that we have a more solid management structure.  Ray made a motion to accept this recommendation and for the executive committee and Tracy to come back with a proposal to define the position of Executive Director along with cost and duties to be presented at the November Board of Directors meeting.  The motion passed.  We could then use the next year to help refine the position.

·         Insurance coverage:  Dennis prepared an insurance summary of our existing insurance policies with prices and proposed adding an additional $100,000 policy to cover the museum, memorabilia, new shed and the Monomoy life boat.  A motion to go ahead with the new policy was made and passed.  Don asked about coverage for a major insurance event. From past discussions Dennis, Tracy and Dave felt this would be covered by our general insurance policy.  Since our memorabilia has never been appraised we would have to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.  Our 3 current insurance policies cost $5789.  The additional coverage would cost $550 for a total of $6339.

·         Advertising for 2015: We have tracked how visitors heard about us this year.  No one mentioned the Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach Visitors Guide.  A motion was made and passed to drop our advertisement this year.

·         Monomoy Shed update:  We will spend the money we have and expect to finish the Monomoy project on budget.  Electric rough-in is complete.  The concrete will have a stone edge so it looks like the adjoining pathways. 

·         The city has asked to connect to our irrigation system to provide water to a new planting bed associated with the new walkway project.  The Canal Front Park has asked to connect to our water line at the storage shed for a new drinking fountain near the playground.  After some discussion we have no problem with these requests.  A motion was made and passed to ask for a letter from the city that they will cover all installation and maintenance issues.

·         Special License Plate:  Eric has had no luck getting a reply to his calls to the state about this issue.  Dave will talk to the presenter at the LHS meeting tonight on the history of Delaware License Plates to see if he has the name of a contact.

·         Review of upcoming activities:  Need one more docent for the Dec. 6, house tour 2-4 shift.  Still need a speaker for the Jan. 9 meeting.


4.       Committee reports:

·         Curators Report: We have lost 2 artifacts this year.  Looking at old photographs, Ray thinks there are other artifacts missing.  It is our responsibility as a board to protect our artifacts.  Ray, Dave and Bill will meet to come up with a proposal to better secure the ship.  They may approach a local security company for help. Light blocking curtains have been added to the Wheel House to protect photos in the museum.

·         Maritime Hall of Fame:  They did very well this year and made $4300.

·         Dirty Hands Gang:  It is now official that Bill Reader has resigned after 17 years as restoration director. A tribute to Bill will be placed on the web site and he will be presented with a gift or plaque at the Christmas Party.


      5.   Schedule of Upcoming Events:

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

Friday, November 14, 9AM in Net House


Membership Meetings/Events

·         Friday, December 12 7-9PM At The Inn at Canal Square, Annual Holiday Party for Members

·         Wednesday, December 31, 11PM-12:30AM at the ship, New Year’s Eve Anchor Drop

·         Friday January 9, 2015 7:30pm at St. Peters church public speaker TBA

·         Friday February 13, 2015 7:30pm at St. Peters church public speaker Marvin Barrash booksigning and lecture on the disappearance of the U.S.S. Cyclops

·         Tuesday February 18, 5-9PM Mardi Gras Night location TBD

·         Friday March 12, 2015 at St. Peters church public speaker, Red Molineaux of the DRBLHF (Light House Foundation) speaking on the history and restoration progress of our Delaware Bay Lighthouses

·         Sunday April 19, 2015 8:30AM at Lewes Yacht Club Breakfast with the Mayor.



Meeting Adjournment at 10:27 AM


Respectively submitted,

Bob Gibson, secretary


Enclosures to be included with final copy:

Proposed Insurance Policy

Overfalls Foundation Revenue and Expenditures Jan. thru Sept. 2014