October 19, 2012

The Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE.


ROLL CALL:  Board Members:   Tracy Mulveny, President; Valerie Cloutier, Vice President; Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary; Jack Lesher, Treasurer;  Bert Long, Ray Glick, Norma Morrison, Robert Perri, Dennis Reardon


 Committee Members – Dave Bernheisel, Planned Giving,  Monomoy


The meeting was called to order by Tracy Mulveny, President at 9:04 AM



Approval of minutes.  Bert so moved, Val  seconded



    October Financials:  

·         Review of  “Revenues & Expenditures Report – Jan/Sept 30, 2012”

·         Currently in process of closing out all M & T accounts - with the exception of the brokerage account - and moving them  to Community Bank

·         Ad hoc committee has met for initial meeting to explore creating an endowment fund

·         Tracy is to contact the dredging company via a ‘thank you’ note to determine if the dredging costs were meant as a donation, or if there is a bill pending

·         Changes to the Revenue & Expenditures Report – plan to spin out Chamber of Commerce dues from the General Business Expense category.  Also change Dock Improvement category to read Dock and Property Improvements.

·         Going forward Annual Giving campaign will be in the summer, and  Membership Drive will happen first of the year.

Visitor Analysis Report: We will institute a $5 charge per adult visitor beginning in 2013.

Review of Budget:  Dredging bill is an outstanding issue.

Endowment Fund: Committee will present additional info at next board meeting.



·         Resignation of Marty D’Erasmo as board member/secretary. Acceptance of  her resignation so moved by Jayne/Val seconded

·         New board member nominee – Brook Hedge.  Approved  by acclamation

·         Election of officers for the Board – Proposed slate of officers:  Tracy Mulveny/President, Valerie  Cloutier/Vice President, Jayne Abercrombie/Secretary, Jack Lesher/Treasurer.  Approved by acclamation





·         Annual Meeting Reports:  There is a need for more guides.

·         5 Year Plan Review:  At the next meeting, Tracy will review progress relative to our 5 year plan as a reminder that we need to keep it in our vision going forward.

·         Form 990:  A reminder that the report was signed by Jack on behalf of the board.  The board received an electronic copy for  review, and should do so.



·         Small Museum Conference:  Overfalls will join the Small Museum Association.  There is an upcoming conference in Ocean City, MD mid-February. All board members are invited to participate.

·         Retreat 2013:  The Board agreed that a retreat of  the magnitude of last year, is not necessary.  Rather organize several focus groups to work in specific areas, example – the Endowment Fund.



    Tracy reminded the board that every committee must include a board member who can report back to the board on that team’s progress. For the November board meeting, Tracy will propose a new organizational structure for the committee groups going forward.


·         Planned Giving/ Monomoy:  Dave Bernheisel   Launch  is planned for the Monomoy by Summer, 2013.


·         Membership:  Tracy reported that the 2013 membership drive would include a return ‘thank you’ post card that includes a wallet membership card that can be cut out and carried by our members.




·         Tracy reported on October 18th meeting with councilperson Ted Becker on the Overfalls’ proposed structural additions to the site. Response was positive. Next step is to go before council to advise them of our plans.


·         Burt Long proposes we dedicate the mitigation wetlands to Bob Hume.  The board was in general agreement, but suggested waiting 18 months or so, until our 3 year window of responsibility to DNREC for the site has expired.  Norma will find out if that is a prudent course.


·         Ray Glick acquired and is donating a 1936 manual of manufacturing specifications on the ship for future display. It will be passed on to Bill Reader via Burt Long for safe-keeping.


·         The 75th birthday of the commissioning of the ship is coming up in September, 2013.  Activities will be planned.


·         A decision was made to meet at the Net House for future Board meetings.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:44


Respectfully submitted by Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary


Enclosures to be added to final copy:

·         OF R& E report

·         Exec Committee Summary minutes, September 5, 2012

·         2012 Visitor Analysis

·         Meeting minutes, September 14th, 2012