Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Nov. 14, 2014, 2014 Net House, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:00 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Sue Townsend, Dennis Reardon, Brook Hedge,  Don Smith, Bill Battista, Tom Wrubel and Dave Bernheisel.


Ray Glick called the meeting to order


1.        Secretary’s Report:

October board meeting minutes were approved as submitted. 


2.        Treasurer’s Report:

·         Current Financial Statement

We are ahead of last year by $12,000 - $15,000.  Our cash accounts now have $115,000 and reserve account has $165,000.

·         Budget requests for 2015

Budget requests will go out soon so that the finance committee can put together the budget for 2015.

·         Report on license plate investigation

There is no benefit to getting an Overfalls license plate.  It would require sales of at least 200 license plates.  The state keeps all of the money. So, there is no financial benefit for the Overfalls.


3.        Issues for discussion:

·         Immediate past president and consultant to the Board of Directors at an annual consultant fee of $4800

The intention is with the size of the budget and the growth we are trying to achieve, we should have someone who can devote more time to the organization.  Suggestion was made to separate past president from the consultant idea.  Tracy will pull together a budget to cover her expenses.  The board needs to authorize paying this amount.  The title Executive Director makes us sound like a more professional organization.  The Executive Director has the responsibility for raising more money.

Motion:  To create the position of advisor to the board and authorize payment of consultant fees and reimbursement of approved expenses related to the position.  Motion passed.

Motion:  To authorize payment of fees to the Advisor by the Board not to exceed $4800 per annum.  Motion passed.

Motion:  To appoint Tracy Mulveny to the position of Advisor to the Board of Directors for the period of one (1) year.  Motion passed.


·         Appointment of signers for checks

The Board of Directors of the Overfalls Foundation is authorizing Albert Didden, President, Ray Glick, Vice President, Eric Van Gilder, treasurer, Robert Gibson, Secretary, Dennis Reardon Board member and Tracy Mulveny, Advisor to the Board of Directors as signers on all of the Overfalls Foundation bank accounts.


·         Suggested Meeting Schedule for 2015

We will move our Board of Directors meeting to the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:00 am.


·         Suggested committees and leaders

Overfalls Committees and Chairmen, 2014

Finance Committee               Eric Van Gilder Chair                                               

Insurance                                                    Dennis Reardon Chair

Planned Giving Committee                  David Bernheisel Chair

Annual Giving                                            John and Evelyn Kyritsis Chairmen

Membership                                              Barbara Shelton Chair

Dirty Hands Committee                         Patrick Quinlan and Dale Pease Co-Chairmen

Guides                                                          Guy Townsend Chair

Ship Store                                                   Sue Townsend Chair

Events                                                          Brook Hedge Chair

Curator/ Museum Committee           Ray Glick Chair

Momomoy Project                                  Albert Kleinberger Chair

Education Committee                            Elaine Simmerman Chair

Public Safety Committee                      Bill Battista Chair

Maritime Hall of Fame                           Elaine Simmerman and Ruby Schaffer Co-Chairmen

Sunshine/Hospitality Chair                   Marsha Davis


·         Directors Survey:

Al will distribute a questionnaire to get a better feel for the members of the board.


·         Advertising Opportunities for 2015

We will go ahead with the Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach Visitors Guide one last time since it has already been paid.  We will also continue with the “Beach Book” this year.  Do we have a hyperlink on the Lewes Chamber of commerce web site?  A more visible open sign might help draw visitors.  We should be asking visitors to create a review on Trip Advisor if they liked the tour.


·         Preservation supplies for artifacts per Ray’s e-mail

Ray has submitted a budget for supplies.


·         Web presence for the Maritime Hall of Fame

A section has been added to the web site for the application form as requested.


4.       Committee reports:

·         Curators Report: Ray is looking for grants to do some significant restoration and preservation for some of the artifacts.  We should check with Small Museum Association to see if resources might be available through them.

·         Maritime Hall of Fame:  nothing discussed

·         Dirty Hands Gang:  Bill Battista has done a safety survey and has made a list of ongoing safety concerns.  He is also preparing a disaster plan and working on getting an A.E.D. for the ship.  He would like to set up a CPR course in case we ever have someone who needs help.  Delaware has a Good Samaritan Act that would protect anyone trying to assist someone needing emergency help.

·         Monomoy Project report:

The restoration is on budget.  We received the new oars this week.  The Preserve Americas’ Treasures placard has arrived.  Dave is planning a luncheon on Dec. 10 at the Monomoy for those who want to come out and see the progress on the boat.


      5.   Schedule of Upcoming Events:

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

Saturday, December 13, 9AM in Net House


Membership Meetings/Events

December 12, 7-9PM at the Inn at Canal Square, Annual Holiday Party for Members

December 31, 11PM-12:30AM at the ship, New Year’s Eve Anchor Drop

January 9, Public meeting 7:00Pm at St. Peters Church Hall, speaker TBA

February 13, Public Meeting 7:00PM at St. Peters Church Hall, Marvin Borash author of USS Cyclops

February 17, Mardi Gras Night, Location TBA

March 13, Public Meeting 7:00PM at St. Peters Church Hall, Speaker

Red Molineaux, President, Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Association

April 19, 8:30AM at Lewes Yacht Club, member breakfast with the Mayor

May 22, 6—9PM at Virden Center, Annual Opening Party and Auction

June 17, 5:30-7:30PM at the ship Birthday Party and Memorial service for Capt. George Elliott

July 22, 6-8PM at the ship, Sundowner BBQ Night

August 14, at the ship, Sundowner, date and time TBD

September 4, 5-7PM, at the ship, membership Fallfest

October 9, 6:30PM at St. Peters Church Hall, Annual Membership Meeting, speaker TBA

November 13, 7:00PM Public Meeting at St. Peters Church hall, speaker TBA

December 11, 7-9PM Annual Member Christmas Party, location TBD

December 31, 11PM-12:30AM at the ship, New Years’ Anchor Drop


Meeting Adjournment at 10:44 AM


Respectively submitted,

Robert H. Gibson, secretary


Enclosures to be included with final copy:

Overfalls Foundation Revenue and Expenditures Jan. thru October 31, 2014

Emergency Safety Concerns for the ship