Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2014 at Net House in Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:00AM


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Bill Battista, Dave Bernheisel, Albert Didden, Ray Glick, Tracy Mulveny, Dennis Reardon, Don Smith, Guy and Sue Townsend, Eric Vangilder, Tom Wrubel

Absent: Bob Gibson, Brook Hedge, Robert Peri

Guest: Dale Pease from Dirty Hands Gang


1.      Secretary’s Report:

·         Correction to minutes of Nov 14 meeting authorizing formation of an IT committee with Tom Wrubel as chair. 

·         Amended minutes approved unanimously.

2.      Treasures Report:

·         YTD we are approximately $58K ahead of income over expenses. 

·         The reserve fund has about $163K and the Endowment Fund has $83K.  Memorial donations are placed in the Endowment Fund. 

·         It was cautioned that the Future Capital Expenditures Report presented by the Executive Committee is only an estimate.

·         Committee Budget requests are due now.


3.      Issues for Discussion:

·         Bill Battista presented suggestions for safety issues to be addressed, including acquiring and EMD unit for resuscitation, a first aid kit and enclosures for gangway railings.  The EMD unit can be obtained free and yearly maintenance would cost approximately $100.  It was agreed that this should be pursued.  Other issues require further study.  Bill will prepare a detailed report for the next meeting.


·         The Maritime Hall of Fame is a subset of the Overfalls Foundation.  IT would be preferred if this board would be kept appraised of their activities.  Albert will speak with Elaine SImmerman about a possible reciprocal board ex-officio membership.


·         The City will be installing drinking fountain and irrigation in the Canalfront Park adjoining our property.  This will be on our water system but the cost to us should be minimal.  Landscaping of improved areas will be completed by the city in spring 2015.


·         Albert explained the Directors Survey which has been sent electronically to all Directors.  This will be reviewed at January meeting.


·         Sea History Magazine has approached us for advertising.  This is the official publication of the National Maritime History Society.  Bob Gibson is communicating with their editor to determine if they will list us on their website or provide other exposure/membership if we place an ad in this magazine.  Currently we are not identified in these media.


4.Committee Reports:


o    Items will be removed from site and stored securely within the next 2 weeks. 

o    It would be ideal if we could have the original list of the 25 people who came to the first meeting in 1999.  Albert will ask Merrill Kaegi to donate this list.

Maritime Hall of Fame: no report


Dirty Hands Gang:

§  Ship has been winterized

§  Winter watch schedule is in place every 3 days. During severe weather events the watches are every 2 hours.

§  Dale will work with Bill Battista to prepare an emergency contact list to be kept in ship and store

§  The DHG is actively seeking new members


·         An open house and lunch will be held at noon on Tuesday Dec 16th at the BPW site.

·         They are on track with the budget and will probably not exceed the $50K grant

·         They hope to connect with the MAritme Museum in Nantucket which has a sister ship in the water beig used for educational programs.

·         We should consider hiring a full or part-time Education Director in the near future to maximize the effectiveness of this artifact.


IT Committee:

·         At the next meeting the board should discuss standardizing our policy for web site procedures and postings

·         We need to develop a better procedure for getting new members on our email list.

5.New Business:

President Didden expressed the thanks of the directors for the willingness of DHG Chairman, Dale Pease, to attend the meeting to keep the board aware of the physical needs of the ship.


6. Upcoming Events:

·         Wednesday, December 31, 11PM -12:30AM at the ship, New Year’s Eve Anchor Drop

·         Friday January 9, 2015 7:30pm at St. Peter’s church, public Dr. Gary Wray of the Ft. Miles Historic Association

·         Friday February 13, 2015 7:30pm at St. Peter’s church, public speaker Marvin Barrash with book signing and lecture on the disappearance of the U.S.S. Cyclops

·         Tuesday February 17, 5-9PM Mardi Gras Night at Irish Eyes restaurant

·         Friday March 13, 2015 7:30PM at St. Peters church public speaker, Red Moulinier of the DRBLHF (Light House Foundation) speaking on the history and restoration progress of our Delaware Bay Lighthouses

·         Sunday April 19, 2015 8:30AM at Lewes Yacht Club Breakfast with the Mayor.

·         Friday May 22, 6-9PM Opening Party and Auction at Virden Center

7. Meeting Adjourned 10:36AM


Respectively submitted

Tracy Mulveny, Administrative Advisor


To be included with final : Financial Report, Minutes of  Nov 14, 2014  meeting, Minutes of Dec 6, 2014 Exec Committee meeting, Directors Survey