December 14th, 2012

OLLI Campus, Lewes, DE


ROLL CALL:  Board Members:   Tracy Mulveny, President; Valerie Cloutier, Vice President; Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary; Jack Lesher, Treasurer;  Bert Long, Ray Glick, Robert Perri, Bob Gibson, Elaine Simmerman, Brook Hedge.

 Absent: Dennis Reardon, Chuch Patalive, Norma Morrison                         


The meeting was called to order by Tracy Mulveny, President at 9:08 AM



·         Approved as amended   M/S/A.



    October Financials: 

·         Increase in revenue year-to-date: $9,000 annual giving, $10,000 annual gift of stock.

·         Bill Reader is doing a cost estimate on removal of ship for periodic maintenance, and wants to add dredging costs to that number.

·         New insurance is ‘in force’ with new carrier, and the annual premium has been paid. Company is requesting a hull survey. Ship records may suffice.

·         OF bylaws require a finance committee of 3. This needs to be addressed.  Jack to talk with Robert Perri.



E-mail as Outreach:  A button has been added to the OF website,  saying  ”Join our website”.  It is working.

Wheel Theft:  No new information.

Small Museum Conference:  February 19-21st, 2013 in Ocean City, MD. Val and Tracy will attend.  Other board members encouraged to attend as well. OF will reimburse for registration.

Change in number of Board meetings:  Board agreed that meetings will be held in January, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, and November going forward.



·         AAM Pledge: All Board members should take the pledge, if they have not done so already. Tracy will complete the application and submit. Membership includes reciprocity with other member museums.

·         Organizational Restructure:  Review of new functions list.  Board accepted amended draft. List to stay in draft form for additional review.  Val is to amend the current draft to reflect suggested changes.



·         None



·         A reminder that the Mononoy group should reapply for funding to the LYC by April of 2013.

·         We have received approval for the shed and shop extension from the City.

·         Question as to whether the speakers program is of value. A suggestion was made to reduce the number of programs, and work to improve the quality.   Suggestion to combine a speaker with the annual meeting.

·         Discussion to replace the Opening Party with a 75th Birthday theme, and to simplify the auction element of the program.  Brook and Bob Gibson are exploring a change of venue from the Virden Center.  Board agreed that Brook should explore whether a change of venue made financial sense.

·         Tracy and Ray are to approach the Lewes Historical Society regarding sharing the responsibilities for the Life-Saving Station adjacent to the OF site.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:47


Respectfully submitted by Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary



Enclosures to be added to final copy:

·         OF Functions and Activities List (draft)