Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2014 Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:06 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Elaine Simmerman, Sue Townsend, Dennis Reardon, Norma Morrison, Robert Perri and Brook Hedge.

Guest: Dave Bernheisel


Secretary’s Report:

                December Board meeting minutes were approved as submitted.


Treasurer’s Report:

Eric reviewed the P & L statement for January through December of 2013.  Robert Perri suggested reclassifying the Longwood Grant.  His concern is that it looks like we have a lot more money than we do. Per Eric, this is usually set up as a liability spending account and is reduced as we spend it.


Budgets are coming in from the different committees.  Eric plans to use the same Excel spread sheet as last year.  Since we should be as accurate as we can, Eric suggested that the board look at each committee’s budget.  There would be no action needed if there are no glaring items.  This relates to the fiduciary responsibility of the board.


Votes were taken on signers for the different bank accounts.  Elaine questioned the need to have 6 signers on the Community bank accounts.  Discussion centered around the need to have signers available to sign checks to pay bills on a timely basis.


Motion to approve Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Dennis Reardon and Val Cloutier as signers for the Community Bank Accounts was made by Eric Van Gilder.  Robert Perri seconded the motion.  Motion passed with Elaine voting against.


Motion to approve Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick and Eric Van Gilder as signers for the Citizens Bank Accounts was made by Eric Van Gilder.

Motion was seconded by Ray Glick.  Motion approved unanimously.


Motion to approve Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick and Eric Van Gilder as signers for the M&T Accounts was made by Eric Van Gilder.

Motion was seconded by Ray Glick.  Motion approved unanimously.


5 year plan review:

                Due to time restraints in our meetings, it was decided to review the 5 year plan one section per meeting.

                Section I.  Building awareness of the importance of the Lightship Overfalls

                (See attached update of section I for details of the changes)

A.                  Develop training manual for ship guides; Add F-6.  Add Stephanie Ann and Monomoy to the manual

B.                  Recruit more ship guides; Need an update from George Elliott and Ray Glick. Also need more guides.

C.                  Develop & implement a structured orientation; One-on-one training works best.  Brook offered to do a video.  There is a video walk-through on You Tube from 2011.

D.                  Develop a new web site; Tom Wrubel is doing a great job with the web site.  Maintain and improve internet outreach.

E.                   Create a speakers group for public presentations; Dave Bernheisel, Ray Glick and Al Kleinberger promote the Overfalls, Monomoy, American Lightship Museum and Hall of Fame.

F.                   Create an Educational Committee; Combine items 1, 2, 4 and 5 under new sub-heading; Lewes Education Coalition.  Put teaching materials on the web site.  Ship sounds conflict with ships guides and are not adequate.    Sound may be more appropriate in the waiting area.  How do we present an ambient atmosphere for ships tours? Need “ships noises” to create environment on the ship on station.

G.                 Create new heading; Artifact Preservation & Display


New Business:

Honorary Positions:        A short discussion yielded “Director Emeritus” as the title for honorary board positions.  A motion to create this position was proposed and passed.  Tracy moved to honor Dave Bernheisel and Jack Lesher with his title. Motion passed unanimously.

Recognition procedures for sponsorship of oars: There was recognition that we need to do this but no consensus on how to do it.  A topic for future discussion.

Pilottown Road signage for the new walkway:  Elaine made the case for quickly writing a letter to Mayor Ford justifying reordering the lines of the proposed sign putting Overfalls Lightship (and American Lightship Museum) at the top.  Tracy will write the letter and send it out for review before sending it to the mayor.

City of Lewes wants to charge 501(c)(3) organizations:  for meeting space. We are OK at the Net House through June.  Don’t know after that. May need to start meeting in members homes.


Committee Reports:

Curator’s Report:  See report of collection status attached.  Ray wants to start the artifact of the month on the web site.  He and the committee will pick the first 12 items for potential sponsorship.  Elaine has asked Janet Davis for her help in putting together this program. We have the American Flag that flew on the last serving lightship.  We also have the engine telegraph for the U.S.S. Victory, an attack transport.  Since this is not related to the Overfalls or other lightship, it should be offered to an appropriate museum. We have an obligation as members of the Historic Naval Ship Association to let them know this artifact is available to an appropriate organization.  Robert Lewis from Bethany Beach has pictures of light ships which he is sharing with Ray.  So far Ray has audited 600-700 items.  These will be photographed. He is still learning how to preserve some of the objects, i.e. flags.

Opening Party:  Looking for sponsorships.  “It will be fun.”  (see Opening Party Committee Report attached)


Eric made a motion to adjourn, and Brook seconded it.  Adjournment at 11:04 am


Respectively submitted,

Bob Gibson, secretary


Enclosures to be included with final copy:

Overfalls Foundation revenue and expenditures January1 through December 31, 2013

Opening Party Committee Report

Section I 5 year (plan revised)