Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2015 at Net House in Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:00AM


Call to order: 9:00 am

Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Bill Battista, Dave Bernheisel, Albert Didden, Ray Glick, Dennis Reardon, Don Smith, Sue Townsend, Eric Van Gilder, Tom Wrubel, Bob Gibson, Brook Hedge and Robert Perri.


1.     Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from the December meeting approved unanimously.


2.     Treasures Report:

2015 Budget Projections:

Eric handed out the 2015 budget projections.  The sheet included 2014 year to date actual results.  The budget numbers were derived from inputs made my each area of responsibility.


Annual giving has been trending down.

Naming opportunities; oars for the Monomoy boat brought in $5000.

Delaware Grant in Aid; we may or may not get this without a project.

Ships store; this is a net number

Tours; income has improved

Membership dues are flat (similar to last year)

Opening Party; expect about the same this year (also a net number)

Expenses: We have been good about controlling them.

Temporary help; Tracy Mulveny has been added as a consultant to the board at $4800/year.

Artifact Management; has been increased to $5000.

Public Safety; New item this year budgeted at $5000.

Maintenance reserve; $10,000

Below the line comments: Money is already in the account from last year to cover Monomoy boat restoration.  Account balance is $8485.

Last year we made approximately $700 from the investment account.  This year we should make about $1000.

Albert Didden asked Eric to prepare a financial sheet.

Safety Expenses;

AED application is ready waiting for letter from the president. Al will check on insurance liability with insurance agent.  Will this be available to the Canalfront Park?

Ladders for the slip are available for $230 each from West Marine. Discussed pros and cons of needing ladders.  Does the U. S. Coast Guard have a program to inspect our slip and make recommendations?  The Board of Directors has to approve the overall budget ($5000) and approve individual expenditures.

Motion was made to approve the 2015 budget subject to the review and board approval of the safety items.  Motion passed.


Robert Perri presented an estimate of future capital expenditures.  Are our reserves adequate to cover any anticipated expenditures?  He consulted with Dave Bernheisel and the Dirty Hands Gang to arrive at an estimated cost for cleaning and painting the hull of $201,200.  We are on track to have these funds available in the time frame we anticipate they will be needed.


3.     Issues for Discussion:


New Year’s Eve: Albert thanked all those who helped.  We had about 225 people attend this year.

Overfalls Membership renewal: There is an issue with contributions not automatically giving you membership. Tom will prepare a web site notice.

Monomoy project:  estimate it will cost $9000 to complete the project. The boat has been progressing well.  We look to launch it this spring.  Joanne Reilly from the Longwood Foundation will visit on Friday January 16 to asses our progress and review our projections for membership and ship visitors.  Albert will send out Dave Bernheisel’s report to the Longwood foundation.  Don commented that since we are a 501(c)3 organization, we should identify those activities on the budget/financial statement.

Board Member Survey; This is an effort to see how we are doing as a board.

Grant writer; Do we have any candidates?  Need to have a project focus.

Membership;  We need someone to take on this very big job.

Small Museum Conference; We still need two or three members to attend.

Safety – Ladders – Life rings – AED device;

AED application is ready and waiting for a letter from the president. Albert will check on insurance liability with our insurance agent.  Will this be available to the Canalfront Park? Ladders for the slip are available for $230 each from West Marine. There was a discussion of the pros and cons of needing ladders.  Does the U. S. Coast Guard have a program to inspect our slip and make recommendations? It is estimated polycarbonate barriers on the sides of the gangway to secure the ship will cost $3000. There was discussion about the need for additional protection to keep people off the ship when it is closed. Our insurance company has not commented about the safety of the gangway in their inspections. We don’t want to suggest that the gangway isn’t safe. An Emergency Book is being prepared with whom to call in case of an emergency or problem. It was suggested to buy a portable eye-wash station for when the dirty hands gang is working on the ship.


4.     Committee Reports:

Curators report; Ray has taken all artifacts out of the museum.  Rented a larger controlled environment storage space and bought racks to stack things.  Ray will go ahead with finalizing the “Keeper of the Bell” program.

Maritime Hall of Fame; Albert will talk with them about working more as one organization.

Dirty Hands Gang; It is actively recruiting new members.

Planned Giving; Eric has picked this up from Dave. We need to involve everybody in working on this project.  It is a low key approach.


5.     New Business:

Brook commented; that there is serious consideration being given to having the DeBrock take over the old library building. The American Lightship Museum should at least have a cabinet to display artifacts that are part of the local area. A state agency would lease the building and pay for projected modifications. If we want to be involved, we need to let the city know. Albert will prepare a letter to the mayor expressing our interest in being included in the future use of the building.

Brook also commented; that we need to make sure letters go out to our donors as proof of a legal donation.  Need to tighten up the process.

Web – Site; want to combine Lightship and American Lightship Museum in the heading.  Our focus is the Lightship and the museum and Monomoy are part of the site.




6.     Schedule of Upcoming Events:

Next Board of Directors Meeting:  Saturday March 14, 205 at 9:00 am at the Net House.


Membership Meetings/Events

·         Friday January 9, 2015 7:00pm at St. Peter’s church, public Dr. Gary Wray of the Ft. Miles Historic Association

·         Friday February 13, 2015 7:00pm at St. Peter’s church, public speaker Marvin Barrash with book signing and lecture on the disappearance of the U.S.S. Cyclops

·         Tuesday February 17, 5-9PM Mardi Gras Night at Irish Eyes restaurant

·         Friday March 13, 2015 7:00PM at St. Peters church public speaker, Red Moulinier of the DRBLHF (Light House Foundation) speaking on the history and restoration progress of our Delaware Bay Lighthouses

·         Sunday April 19, 2015 8:30AM at Lewes Yacht Club Breakfast with the Mayor.

·         Friday May 22, 6-9PM Opening Party and Auction at Virden Center


7. Meeting Adjourned 11:12 am


Respectively submitted

Bob Gibson, Secretary


To be included with final: Budget 2015, Minutes of Dec. 13 2014 meeting, Minutes of Jan. 4 Exec Committee meeting, Capital Expenditures Nov. 2014