Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2014 Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:15AM


Roll Call:


Board Members Present:  Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Val Cloutier, Robert Perri, Brook Hedge, Dennis Reardon, Don Smith, Norma Morrison

Committee Chairpersons: Tom Wrubel


Current issues for discussion:


New mission statement:

Val Cloutier suggested the following revision:  “The mission of the Overfalls Foundation is to collect, preserve, honor and teach the maritime history of Lewes, the Delaware Bay, and the coastal region using the Lightship Overfalls and its affiliate, the American Lightship Museum, as well as the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame.”  Discussion surrounded the issue of the American Lightship Museum and the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame not technically being affiliates.  It was proposed that the mission statement should read: “The mission of the Overfalls Foundation is to collect, preserve, honor and teach the maritime history of Lewes, the Delaware Bay, and the coastal region using the Lightship Overfalls, , the American Lightship Museum, as well as the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame.”  Brook Hedge made a motion to adopt the new mission statement as revised, it was seconded and passed unanimously.




Pilots’ Association/Dragon Boat Races: Tracy Mulveny informed us that the Pilots’ Association wants to have an event at our site inviting legislators and other VIP guests.  Upon further discussion it was revealed that their date of choice is the Dragon Boat Race (09/15/14) which could impact the activities planned by Overfalls.  There was discussion that their tent could be positioned where the Monomoy will be.  Other complications included impact on our fund raising ability to charge $5 per visitor on the ship and selling food and refreshments while they will have private guests and provide food and drink.  Tracy and Brook will talk further with the Pilots, then the Canalfront Park people who will be organizing the Dragon Boat Races.


Maritime Day at the Ferry Terminal (05/17/14):  We are in need of a coordinator.  Time slots for manning the table will be 2 hours.  People are also needed to set up and break down.  Dave Bernheisel has all the items for display.  We will be positioned where the foot passengers arrive and depart.  Volunteers will need to entice people to stop and learn about us.


Greater Lewes Foundation to honor Mayor Ford (05/18/14 2-4PM):  The event will be a picnic format with music (no vendors).  Overfalls has been asked to provide bottled water.  It will be a Hawaiian theme (Jim’s signature look).Rain location to be Lewes School on Savannah Rd..  That same date Overfalls has 57 people scheduled for a private tour so the ship will be open.  Guides will be needed.  Ray volunteered to back up George for scheduling guides.  People are being asked to contribute pictures, etc for a scrap book.  There will be many VIP guests.


“Shore Hands Gang”:  There are individuals who approach Overfalls to volunteer and if they do not have the skill set presently needed by the Dirty Hands Gang they are turned away.  It is not felt that this is good policy and there are many other activities for which volunteers are needed.  A motion was offered to establish a “Shore Hands Gang” to provide services supporting the ship and reporting to Bill Reader.  It will have its own leader who will coordinate with Bill.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Police, Fire Appreciation Day:  It was discussed that the Foundation is changing and expanding with the Stephanie Ann, the Monomoy and the valuable artifacts in the Museum.  Security is becoming a greater issue.  The Chief of Police will be invited for a private walk-through tour.  There was discussion of installing battery operated motion detection lights.  It was suggested that we create a Police and Fire Fighter Appreciation Day for these people and their families at the ship.


Disaster Plan:  Discussed that a disaster plan must be put in place and that the topics of risk management, security and insurance should be combined.  We questioned if a consultant was needed.  It was suggested that it’s often helpful to post signage that the premises are under camera surveillance.


Small Museum Association Meeting in Toledo (04/28-29/14):  Tracy is looking for volunteers to accompany her to this event as she does not want to go alone.  A highlight will be that there will be a maritime museum opening focusing on the Great Lakes where there were Lightships stationed.


Support/Outreach to the Historical Society:  Discussion surrounded the closer relationship with this organization and its mission, particularly the Life Saving Station.  This venue needs to undergo an upgrade with more focus.  It was suggested that a reciprocal honorary membership might be a good path toward more interaction and mutual support and recognition.  April-May they will be open Mondays & Saturdays.  July and August will included the Trolley Tour and a program from 1-3PM.  Perhaps we can offer half price admission to those presenting their ticket stubs from the LHS tour.


Chamber of Commerce Mixer (03/19/14 5-7PM):  Event will be held at the Inn at Canal Square.  We need representation there.  Whoever goes should wear something that indicates association with Overfalls  and be prepared to talk about Overfalls (Mugs & Stitches on Rt. 1 will embroider our logo on any item for $15).

It was mentioned that we can shop Amazon through Amazon.Smile and receive a small percentage of the purchases. Our website has details on the process.


Curator’s Report:  Ray has catalogued everything taken off the ship and put under lock & key in a climate controlled storage unit.  We are paying a reduced rent.  Ray is prepared to launch the Sponsorship Program for artifacts as it costs money to preserve them.  There will be different levels of sponsorship and plaques will identify the sponsor.  The policy for accepting donations must be distributed.  Ray attended a Disaster Plan class and will be bringing a plan for approval to the Board.  Five items are missing.  All items need to be photographed.


Party Status Report:  Many of the solicitors are still in Florida and we’re a little behind.  Overfalls is at a slight disadvantage in years of the Hoedown as it comes first and people get weary of donating.  The dinner for ten has been secured.  The Water Taxi boxed dinner for the sunset cruise is secured.  Lavender Farms is in.  PNC Bank may have some framed prints by local artists.  Ted Becker will be approached for reduced prices for the wine wall.  Dennis Forney will be the auctioneer.  Planning more baskets this year. 


Adjournment: 10:30AM