Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2015 at Net House in Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:05AM


Call to order: 9:00 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Albert Didden, Bill Battista, Ray Glick, Dennis Reardon, , Tom Wrubel, Bob Gibson, Brook Hedge, Robert Perri (Eric Van Gilder participated by telephone) and consultant Tracy Mulveny.


1.     Secretary’s Report:

A correction was made to the January meeting minutes and they were approved unanimously.


2.     Treasures Report:


Robert Perri discussed Revenue and Expenditures for January through February28, 2015.  A major difference is that George Elliott’s note has been forgiven and we no longer receive his annual stock contribution of approximately $10,000.

The cash in banks is $122,725, reserve fund $164,158 and endowment fund $82,608 for a total of $369,492.  Albert asked if we could show how we are proceeding against the yearly budget.  Eric replied that because we receive much of our funding from large blocks of cash (like the opening party and membership) it would be difficult to break it out month-by-month.


3.     Old Business:


Results of Director’s Survey:  Albert reviewed results to date.  He asked those who have not yet completed the survey do so as soon as possible. The most negative response was to the question #18, The board receives adequate training on governance principles and practices.  The most positive response was to question #20, The board holds itself accountable for accomplishing its objective.


Do we want to establish a governance committee?  If we expect to comply with the American Alliance of Museums-Characteristics of Excellence for Museums, we should have a governance committee.  Albert is chairman of the Lewes Yacht Club’s governance committee and has experience on how to set it up and how it would function.


Activities for 2015 season needing volunteers: 

Committee of 3 needed to organize June 17 Memorial for George Elliott/birthday of ship celebration.  Albert, Tracy and Ray volunteered to work on this.


Other events needing volunteers

Tulip Festival April 9 – 12.  The Lifesaving station will be open.  We will open top deck and the wheelhouse for visitors and set up a limited display in the museum.


4.     New Business


Honorary membership for Hazel Brittingham.  She is an original member and a local historian.  She is active in most of our functions and an active supporter of the Overfalls Foundation.  Motion approved unanimously to give Hazel Brittingham an Honorary Lifetime Membership.


Handicap access policy:  Albert has been contacted about whether we have access for a group in wheel chairs.  We will try to give them access to the top deck.  There was discussion of whether we would ever be required to provide access to more than the top deck.  Albert will ask for a legal opinion.  Brook believes we are not required to meet requirements because of the kind of landmark we are.


Keeper of the Bell program launch:  Ray has put together a program to help support the proper care and security of our artifacts. An initial gift of $250 receives a certificate and a framed picture.  An additional $30/year for 5 years gets you a brick recognizing your contribution to the foundation.  Motion was made to approve this program and launch it at the breakfast in April. It passed unanimously.


Change of hours of operation on Sundays:  It was agreed we want to go ahead with this.  However, we will need more volunteers.  There is a need for more volunteers in all areas.  We need a new article in local papers asking for help.


Director retreat and/or training session needed:  Finding a place shouldn’t be a problem.  We will need a moderator.  It should take place in the fall.  A half day is probably best.  We need to focus on the future and how can we increase membership.  Albert and Tracy will look into it.


5.     Committee reports


Curators report: Ray needs to get started on pulling together this year’s museum and ship display items.

Safety Report:  The AED has been approved and ordered.  Its cost will be covered by a grant.  Sussex County Paramedics will do a training program on the AED and CPR for guides and others.

Bill has contacted the maker of the gangway, Ravens Marine, for their recommendations for improving gangway side protection, slip resistance and adding handrails.  Handrails were not recommended because the gangway is too narrow. A wire mesh is the best side protection option and will have to be welded to install properly.  They also proposed 3 solutions to the slippery gangway problem. A motion was made to enter into an agreement for the wire mesh and FRP plate not to exceed $7500.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Pat made the point that these things will have to be installed to code or we will increase our liability risk.

Bill is preparing a safety notebook to keep on the ship.  It will be most important to fill out an incident report if we have an accident.


Dirty Hands Gang:  They will start back to work on April 14 for the season. There will be some earlier work items in preparation for the tulip festival.  They are actively recruiting new members.


Monomoy Project Report:  Per Al Klineburger, We need to finish the seats before we can do much more with the Monomoy.  They are cut out but the edges need to be rounded before we can apply stain and polyurethane.  Hopefully, next Tuesday we can round, sand and stain. The seats need to be installed before we can remove the 2 x 4's and apply the cap. This will be a couple of week’s operation with the stain and all so we need to get started.  Also, this Tuesday we can fasten the rear deck boards in place, hope to have the last piece or two cut out for Tuesday. 

The executive committee feels a new trailer is appropriate to safely move the Monomoy to outreach functions.  A new trailer for the Monomoy is estimated to cost $4800.  A motion was made to purchase a new trailer at a price not to exceed $4800.  The motion passed unanimously.


6.     Directors Comments:

Thanks for coming.


7.     Schedule of Upcoming Events:


Next Board of Directors Meeting:  Saturday April 11, 2015 at

9:00 AM at the Net House.


Membership Meetings/Events

              Sunday April 19, 2015 8:30AM at Lewes Yacht Club Breakfast with the Mayor, tickets $17pp

              Friday May 22, 6-9PM Opening Party and Auction at Virden Center

              Saturday May 23, 10AM Ship opens for the season/ Zwaanendael Maritime Festival

              Wednesday, June 17, 5:30-7:30PM George Elliott Memorial/Ship Birthday Celebration on ship grounds


8.     Meeting Adjourned 11:05 am


Next Board of Directors Meeting:  Saturday April 11, 2015 at 9:00 am at the Net House.



Respectively submitted

Bob Gibson, Secretary


To be included with final: Budget 2015, Minutes of March 8 Exec Committee meeting, Revenue and Expenditures January through February 28, 2015