Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Final

April 11, 2014 Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 9:00 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Elaine Simmerman, Sue Townsend, Dennis Reardon, Norma Morrison, Robert Perri and Brook Hedge.

Guests: Dave Bernheisel, Lan Mershon, Red Molineaux, Tom Wrubel


1.        Secretary’s Report:

                March Board meeting minutes were approved as submitted.


2.        Treasurer’s Report:

Reviewed financial statement and forecast for 2014.  We need to add a line item for artifact storage.  This will be posted on overfalls.org and can be accessed by going to the secure section in the left column of the web-site.  User: lightship Pass word: $shipsahoy$

We now have 355 members by our membership counting method. This is a little short of last year but is expected to pickup before the spring opening.  A new letter is going out via e-mail to signup if you haven’t yet.


3.       Presentation from Lighthouse Society:

Red Molineaux from the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Society spoke about the problems they are having and their request for help.  He discussed the current problem of not having access to the lighthouse due to damage to the pier and breakwater from multiple storms over the last two years.  He would like to talk with our grant writers about fund raising ideas and how to get the message out to the public about their predicament. We will work with them to help get them moving forward again.


4.        Issues for discussion:

·         Pilot Association has not gotten back with us yet about the possible use of our open area for a special event during the Dragon Boat Races.  They expect 150 -200 people.  Brook doesn’t think they have enough room.  Walkways in the park cannot be blocked.

·         Tracy introduced Lan Mershon as the new ship guides coordinator.  He will be sending out an e-mail request for new ships guides.  There will also be an article in the Cape Gazette.

·         Upcoming events:

May 17 Maritime Day at the Ferry Terminal

May 18 Event to honor Mayor Ford – need bottled water donations

May 24 Zwaanendael Museum Maritime Festival

June 4  Dedication Ceremonies at the American Lightship Sailors Museum

July 26 Art and Food Festival at the Indian River Marina

·         Suggested schedule of Summer Events:

Tour requested for 5/18 @ noon for 57 people

Sundowners June 25, July 23 and August 30

Clambake Sept. 13

Dragonboat Festival Sept.14

Coast Day Oct. 5

·         Suggestion was made to reach out to local and state police and firemen for added security.  An appreciation week of free family tours. Val made the motion that the week of July 14 through 21 as appreciation day.  Motion passed.

·         CAMM Annual meeting in Toledo, OH. No one is going this year.

·         Liberty Ship Engine Telegraph:  We have a Liberty Ship engine telegraph that we don’t need.  We can sell it to a group in the HNSA (Historic Naval Ship Association).  We will need to see who donated it and make sure they understand why we are getting rid of it.  In the future we must follow procedures to accept artifacts for the foundation.


5.  Membership in Lewes Historical Society: no discussion of this topic.


6.  Honoring our Lifetime Members:

Dedication Ceremonies for the American Lightship Sailors Museum will be held at 4pm.  Toast to Lifetime Members of the Overfalls (19 of them) and include them on the dedication page in the program.


7.  Sponsorship of Oars for the Monomoy:

                All 12 oars have been sold.  It still needs to be decided how to display donors of the oars.


8.  Creation of an additional crew for non-ship related work- “Shore Hands Gang’ to include new recruits not needed by Dirty Hands Gang –         nominations for chairman.

This group will include non-ship helpers, ship guides, grounds, Stephanie Ann Museum, events help and ships store/welcome center greeters.  Tracy to approach several people.


9.  Need for a disaster plan:

Need to set up a committee.  Jack Lesher is doing something similar for the Lewes Yacht Club. 


10.  Opening Party:

It is all computerized and coming together well.


Meeting Adjournment at 10:30 am


Respectively submitted,

Bob Gibson, secretary


Enclosures to be included with final copy:

Overfalls Foundation 2014 Budget