April 12th, 2013

The Net House, Canal Front Park, Lewes, De

Meeting called to order 9:05



 Board Members:   Tracy Mulveny, President; Valerie Cloutier, Vice President, Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary, Jack Lesher, Treasurer, Ray Glick, Norma Morrison, Bob Gibson, Brook Hedge, Robert Perri,  Elaine Simmerman, Dennis Reardon

Excused:  Bert Long, Chuck Patalive




    Year to date Financials:  thru 3/31/13

·         Year to date ahead $11,536 receipts over expenditures.

·         Century Insurance will return 9-10 month unearned premium since making the shift to Markel.  Surety bond for the Board of Directors is to be considered.



Endowment Policy:  Two clerical changes were made to the draft for simplification. Policy approved M/S/A.  Board approved the following endowment fund actions. An endowment account is to be set up with DCF with (1) initial deposits of $10,000 representing George Elliott’s current year’s stock contribution converted to cash, (2) $10,000 representing Dave Bernheisel’s  past endowment contribution,  and (3) approximately $6,000 representing the  balance of the memorial remembrances account.  In addition, as soon as CD funds are available in July or sooner if appropriate, an additional $40,000 is to be transferred to the endowment account, representing the balance of George Elliott’s stock contributions for past years. The board also voted  that in future years, the endowment account would receive Mr. Elliott’s future annual gifts of stock proceeds.  Jack Lesher was given Board approval to set up a ‘lightship and related assets maintenance reserve’ to be funded with $40,000.


Pilothouse/Monomoy Update:  The hope was that the Pilothouse could be moved by the end of April, although work is currently behind schedule. Once on-site, there will be another 4-6 weeks of  work prior to completion. The glass windows will be replaced by 2 portholes in the new connecting structure.  Ship store sign to be changed to read “Welcome Center & Museum”.  Plan to register OF logo with LandsEnd for clothing items, with the goal of eliminating clothing from ship store.  All ribs have been replaced on the Monomoy. Bob Gibson looking for volunteers to replace decking.


CAMM:  Overfalls was approved to the Council of American Maritime Museums as of 4/11/2013. CAMM approved a $750 travel grant to be used for Ray Glick’s travel to Beaufort, SC next month.


Opening Party Update:  Save the date cards have gone out, and posters are going up this week.  Shortfall is silent auction items.  Idea to better formalize business donor contacts in future years.



Summer Activities:  Two sundowners and a clambake are planned for 21013 season. The sundowners will be a July 17th Beef and Beer and  August 14t,h when we are hopeful we can have  the Kalmar Nyckel  shanty singers perform.  September  13th is the date of the clambake.


‘Blue Star’ discounts:    Board approved free admission to the ship for service personnel and their families.


      Archive Policies:  Ray Glick presented his report on the need for the creation of an  archival policy  

      for the OF, as resourced from the American Alliance of Museums.  Board approved a 3  to 5 member    

      Artifact Collection Management committee, chaired by Ray to move forward with policy

      recommendations.  Committee will report initial findings at next board meeting.





Maritime Hall of Fame Dinner:  October 12th, $75 per person.   The committee is using an itemized sponsorship approach this year, which is working well.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:40.


Respectfully submitted by Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary


Enclosures to be added to final copy: