Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting minutes- Final (RPerri 5/9/14)

May 9, 2014 Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order 9:30AM


Roll Call: Tracy Mulvaney, Eric Van Gilder, Elaine Simmerman, Sue Townsend, Brook Hedge, Robert Perri, and

Treasurer’s Report--Treasurer’s report was presented by Eric.  Year to date revenues through 4/30/14 are $28,500 with expenses being $9,100.  Net income is $19,000.  Cash in the bank is $175,000.  Along with other cash there is total cash of $340,000.  Eric stated we have a good cash position and living within our means.

2014 budget was also presented, and discussed.  There was conversation surrounding the Monomoy grant revenue and expenses.  Although cash was received in prior years, in 2014 budget the total amount to be spent, $32,275 is presented also as revenue.  After discussion there was a motion to accept the budget subject to the clarification of the Monomoy Carryover presentation in the budget by Elaine and 2nd by Val.  All voted in favor.

Ticket sales for the opening party were discussed: Sue reported $1,700 dollars have been collected with an additional 9 sold online, via Brook.  24 tickets were comp-ed for sponsors.  Tom Grubel needs to communicate online ticket sales to Sue so will-call tickets will be available on the night of. 

Minutes--Minutes of the April meeting were presented and Elaine motioned to accept with an edit that we MAY want to sell curated items.  This refers to an edit to the Liberty Ship Engine telegraph that was stated ‘that we might not need and can sell’.  Edit is we ‘may’ sell.

Issues Discussed

·         Pilot Association wants to have access to some parts of Overfall’s land during dragon boat races.  It was discussed that Tracy should communicate with LHS since LHS granted the Pilots use of their land which abuts ours and she should then communicate back to the Pilots in writing to clearly outline what they can and cannot use via a visual such as map of the plot.  Noting we are a community museum, the Board did not want to restrict access to our members during the event as a result of accommodating any one group.

·         We need more guides.  The Caritz have agreed to be coordinators of the Shore Hands.  13 people have signed up to be Shore Hands.

·         There are 3 upcoming events in May:

                May 17 Maritime Day

                May 18 Mayor Ford

                May 24 Zwaanendael Museum Maritime Festival

For the Mayor Ford event there is no need to buy water.


·         It was recommended the ship guide schedule be more specific to show open slots needed to be filled.

·         Someone from the Board needs to be liason for the Appreciation Day which will move to September 20 and 21.  We should invite the firemen to comment on the ship’s fire safety equipment to enrich our tours.

·         Someone is needed to do press releases/publicity.  Elaine and Tracy will work together to make that happen.

·         Honor Lifetime Members- it was recommended we honor these member and pick a date, invite all lifetime members to raise a glass on the ship in a casual setting and thank them.  The date should be after June 4.

·         The Sundowner events need music if anyone knows cheap/free music.  The steel drums will remain at some events.

·         Procedure to recognize sponsors of oars- Dave Bernhaisel (via Tracy) has suggested a brick be engraved for each oar donor and placed in the brick work below the Monomoy shed.

·         Monomoy Shed is still on schedule to be built at a cost of less than $37,000.

·         Tracy recommended we table the disaster plan discussion.

·         Elaine suggested the Overfalls be highlighted in the National Lighthouse Museum in NY at a cost of $1,000 and offered to contribute $100, and Sue, Tracy and Brook also offered.

·         Brook suggested we put the Breakwater project on the next agenda.


END- submitted R Perri.