Overfalls Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2014, 2014 Net House, Canalfront Park, Lewes, DE

Meeting called to order at 8:35 am


Roll Call:

Board Members Present: Tracy Mulveny, Ray Glick, Eric Van Gilder, Bob Gibson, Sue Townsend, Dennis Reardon, Norma Morrison, Brook Hedge, Robert Perri, Tom Wrubel, and Dave Burnheisel.

Guests:  Dale Pease, Pat Quinlan and Drew LaRoche


1.        Secretary’s Report:

June board meeting minutes were approved as submitted. 


2.        Treasurer’s Report:

Eric passed out Revenue and Expenditures for Jan. through Jun 30, 2014.  The Monomoy Grant is carried over from the 2013 budget and approximately $50,000 is shown in both receipts and expenses.  So, although Last Year shows a significantly higher total receipts than this year to date, we are significantly further ahead this year. 

We have $365,000 in cash.  We have already put money aside approximately $110,000 in a reserve fund at Citizens Bank and approximately $83,000 in Delaware Community Fund.  Eric suggested that since we have more than enough cash on hand that we put an additional $25,000 into the Citizens Bank reserve fund. A motion was made and passed to move the funds.


3.        Issues for discussion:

·         Monomoy shed update        The boat is currently upside down and finishing being caulked and painted.  It will then be turned over and have the new deck installed and painted.  The shed roof is going on today.  It will still need electric and water installed before the concrete floor is poured.  Other items, i. e. oars, life jackets, etc. will need to be purchased.  Dave Burnheisel has suggested continuing the new concrete sidewalk up to our paver area to minimize gravel damaging the deck paint on the ship.  Dave is also suggesting that an area in the shed floor be used for pavers to commemorate donors and contributors to build the shed and restore the Monomoy.  The entire project has been done without having to tap the foundations revenue stream.

·         Memorial walkway addition                We will discuss this at the next meeting. 

·         Sponsorship of the Hall of Fame        Last year we approved moving $4300 to the Hall of Fame to fund their event.  This was basically what they had earned the previous year.  We also purchased a $500 sponsorship.  A motion was made and approved to donate $500 again this year.

·         Date change for the clambake           The caterer can’t make the current date. Since there is concern about moving it to Dragon Boat weekend (Sept 20th), it was decided to move it to September 6th.

·         Introduction of new Dirty Hands Gang Leaders          Pat Quinlan and Dale Pease were introduced to the board members and talked about current status of work on the ship.  Painting will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  The deck will be the last big project.  They need to get together with Bill Reader to discuss what needs to be done next year.  A winter watch will again be set up this year.  They would also like to change the monthly get together for breakfast to a weekly schedule.

·         Police/Fireman Family Appreciation Day        The event needs a coordinator.  Tracy talked about the need for giveaways.  She suggested patches.  Bob Gibson will check to see if free copies of “Doodle and Color Lewes” might be available for the kids.

·         Still need a press release/publicity chairperson from the board

·         How did you learn about the lightship?          Ray summarized the visitor entries from the visitor log.  The top ways: Walk or drive by – 115, internet – 50, visiting local family – 32, live local – 30, brochure/tourist book – 27 return visit – 21 and a friend recommended – 21.  This information provides some insight to how effective, (ineffective) advertising has been.  We will discuss this more at a future meeting to help determine future marketing investments and how to promote the Overfalls. Brook suggested we should make an effort to make sure we are listed on “around me” cell phone apps.  Tom and Brook? will look into this.

·         August 21, Sundowner to benefit Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation 5:30 – 7:30PM.  We will donate all but $1 of the proceeds to make this a joint fundraiser.



4.       Committee reports:

·         Nominating Committee                Ray Glick has talked with candidates on the list.  The following candidates have accepted our invitation to serve on the board of directors:  Bill Battista, Guy Townsend, Al Didden and Drew LaRoche.  Membership meeting on Oct. 10 will vote to approve these nominations.


5.       Schedule of Upcoming Meetings:

Next Board of Directors Meeting:  Friday, September 12 at 9:00AM at the Net House

Annual Membership Meeting, Friday, October 10 at 7:00 PM in St. Peter’s Church Hall.  Dr. Ray Glick will speak at 7:30 PM.


6.       Upcoming events:

August 21, Sundowner to benefit Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation 5:30 – 7:30PM

September 6, Clambake

September 14, Dragon Boat Festival

September 20 – 21, Police and Fireman Family Appreciation Days at the ship

October 5, Coast Day (Sunday) 11 – 3 at the University of Delaware Marine College

October 10, Annual Membership meeting at 7 PM with speaker at 7:30 PM.  Dr. Ray Glick will speak on “The Coast Guard      on Horseback, A History of the Beach Patrol Service during WWII

October 11, Delaware Hall of Fame Banquet, Lewes Yacht Club 5:30 to 9 PM

October 12, 4 PM ship closes for the season

November 14, Our monthly meeting at St. Peters Church Hall.  Presentation and book signing by Bill Manthorpe “The                              history of the Navy at Cape Henlopen”

December 12, Annual Holiday Party for members at the Inn at Canal Square 7-9 PM

December 31, New Year’s Eve Anchor Drop at the ship.  11PM -12:30 AM


Meeting Adjournment at 10:08 AM


Respectively submitted,

Bob Gibson, secretary


Enclosures to be included with final copy:

Overfalls Foundation Revenue and Expenditures Jan through June 30, 2014

How did we learn about the lightship