September 13th, 2013

The Net House, Canal Front Park, Lewes, De

Meeting called to order 9:05



 Board Members:   Tracy Mulveny, President; Valerie Cloutier, Vice President, Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary,  Ray Glick, Bob Gibson,  Elaine Simmerman, Dennis Reardon

Excused:  Jack Lesher, Treasurer, Bert Long, Chuck Patalive, Brook Hedge, Robert Perri

Guests:  Cathy Heronemus , Eric Van Gilder




TREASURER’S REPORT – presented by Cathy Heronemus

    Year to date Financials:  thru 8/31/13

·         Year to date ahead $11,536 receipts over expenditures. Admission charge is helping revenue.

·         Net profit for Opening Party - $20,773.

·         Jack Lesher has copies of the audit report for those requesting one.

Financial Report for Pilot House/Monomoy 1/1/12 thru 9/6/13

·         Project receipts over expenditures $32,800. 

·         Total project cost expected to be $29,300. Net to date expenses $19,799.

·         Dave Bernheisel suggests future requests for separate reports should be done with prior approval by board.

·         Dennis Reardon submitted a bill for additional insurance coverage for Monomoy boat storage liability at BPW facility.  



Curator’s Report:  Ray Glick presented a ‘red line’ copy of the Collections Management  Policy of the Overfalls Foundation Museum, with a request for review and comment by the Board in anticipation of a vote at the October board meeting. The Artifacts Log is initially complete.  A search should be done through the membership to identify artifacts still being held offsite, to be gathered and catalogued. The suggestion was made to check with past Overfalls historians as a first step in this process. A motion was made by Elaine Simmerman to accept both the Collections Management Policy and the Accessioning Policy. Seconded by Val and vote to accept.


PNC planned giving seminar:  To be held Thursday, October 24th, at the Lewes Yacht Club. Six non-profits in addition to the OF will have tables at the event to include cocktails and a presentation by PNC representatives on planned giving vehicles available.


Dragon Boat Festival/Clambake events: Ship store will be open in advance of the event.



American Lightship Museum naming opportunity:  The LS-112, Nantucket, was recently granted the name, U.S.  Lightship Museum.  The OF should consider pursuing the name, “American Lightship Museum’.





Meeting was adjourned at 10:10.


Respectfully submitted by Jayne Abercrombie, Secretary




Enclosures to be added to final copy: