The Overfalls Foundation Scholarship Award - 2018
Samantha Robinson

Visitors to the Lightship Overfalls ship or store may have seen the smiling face of Samantha Robinson this summer. A Washington College sophomore, Robinson came to the Overfalls this summer as its first official intern. Her history and computer science background have been invaluable to the organization. She has been cataloging artifacts and photographs, improving record-keeping systems and helping with social media exposure.

Robinson has also provided her expertise to the Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation. Overfalls Foundation volunteers extend thanks to Washington College for the stipend that enabled her to spend this summer learning about and contributing to the unique Overfalls history.

“Most people start off the tour with, ‘What is a lightship?’ because people don’t know,” says Robinson. “I had to learn about the Overfalls itself, and there’s a lot of boat terminology and concepts you have to know. I also learned a lot about Coast Guard history.”

During her internship, Robinson learned all this history and more, doing a little bit of everything. Using her computer skills, she helped catalog artifacts and photographs, improved record-keeping, and helped with social media. She worked as a docent in the foundation’s welcome center answering phones and providing information to visitors. She helped archive materials that the foundation had in storage, gaining access to pieces of history that most people don’t get to see. And, once she got up to speed on the Overfalls’ history, she worked as a guide onboard the ship itself.

Learn more about Sam's Overfalls experience from Washington College's website by clicking here.