The Foundation had the opportunity to acquire the pilot house from the historic Lewes fishing boat Stephanie Anne when her owners were restoring the vessel. While the structure was in very poor condition, it had the potential of being a major asset to the Foundation as a museum to display our growing collection of maritime artifacts.

The Overfalls volunteers restored the structure...

... and attached it to the Foundation’s existing Ship’s Store for use not only as a maritime museum but a welcome/orientation center as well.

The inside space was complemented by an outside patio, and over the winter artifacts are being cataloged and displays are being planned. The new museum will be open as the season begins on Memorial Day weekend. The dedication will be on June 4th which is the 76th anniversary of the launch of the Lightship Overfalls.

Noteworthy features of the project are:

  • The pilot house represents an important piece of the community´s history that otherwise would have been lost.
  • With a hallway to join them and a “same level” floor, the pilot house will serve as a single structure with the existing Ship´s Store.
  • As it is set apart from the Ship’s Store and maintaining its original paint scheme, the pilot house will retain its own individuality.
  • The pilot house will serve as a museum to display maritime artifacts.
  • The "L" formed by the Ship’s Store and the pilot house was filled with paver bricks forming an orientation/staging patio for groups prior to boarding the lightship.
  • The patio is covered by a shade sail to add comfort for the visitors on warmer days.