Monomoy Lifeboat

The Monomoy lifeboat that the Overfalls Foundation cares for likely started her career as a lifeboat on a United States Coast Guard (USCG) cutter. After this service, she was given to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) located in Kings Point, NY for use in cadet training. After many years of hard use, USMMA replaced the wooden Monomoys with fiberglass training boats, sending some of the old Monomoys to the Cape May Maritime Museum (CMMM). The Overfalls Foundation was fortunate to acquire one of  these from CMMM and lovingly restored it under the supervision of Al Klineburger. The Monomoy is maintained as a seaworthy vessel and is launched each year to participate in the Lewes Boat Parade on July 4th weekend.

Monomoy Surfboats were originally designed for the high surf off Monomoy Island and Chatham, Massachusetts (Cape Cod).

There are many small variations between individual Monomoy vessels. Ours has ten oars, rather than eight; a caravel planked hull (smooth hull); and includes both a steering oar and a rudder and tiller rather than just a steering oar.