Specifications and Other Facts

Vessel Name:Overfalls (LV118 / WAL539)
Built:1938 at Rice Brothers Shipyard, East Boothbay, Maine
Dimensions:Length 114′; beam (width) 26′; draft 13’4″, weight 422 tons.
Engine:Single Cooper-Bessemer 400 hp, 8 cylinders with air starter.
Propeller:Steel, 7′ 2″ diameter, gear-driven
Maximum Speed:Nine knots (between 10 and 11 mph)
Primary Navigation Light:Dual 375 mm electric lens lanterns located 57 feet above the water line and rated at 15,000 candle power (1,000 watts). Flashed every 3 seconds at night, visible for 12 miles on a clear night.
Fog Horn:Dual air diaphones, switchable to single horn with a range of 5 miles, which would sound a three second blast every 30 seconds whenever visibility was less than two miles.
Radio Beacon (transmitter):25 mile range, which was synchronized with the fog horn (when in operation) so ships equipped with a radio direction finder could calculate the distance to the ship in obscure conditions.
Radar:RCA surface unit installed 1943 with a range of 15 miles.
Anchors:7,000 pound mushroom type main, and 3,000 pounds auxiliary anchor.
Crew:14 men served 2 weeks on and one week off.
Fuel Capacity:12,400 gallons of diesel in 10 fuel tanks.
Fresh Water Capacity:6,500 gallons in 4 fresh water tanks.
Ballast Tanks:4 each with a total capacity of 10,000 gallons sea water.
Station Assignments:1938 – 1957: Cornfield Point (CT)
1958 – 1962: Cross Rip (MA)
1962 – 1972: Boston (MA)