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Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame inductees

The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame honors those who have given uniquely and generously of skill, energy, heart, and time in building Delaware’s maritime heritage. The Hall of Fame is sponsored and managed by the Overfalls Foundation, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that is committed to preserving one of America’s last remaining lightships, the LV-118, a National Historic Monument. An important part of its mission is “to preserve, teach and honor the United States lightship service and the maritime history of our community through the preservation and display of the Lightship Overfalls (LV-118) and its collection of associated maritime artifacts.”

Outstanding nominees are now inducted into the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame on a biennial basis. They will be inducted and honored for their contribution to Delaware’s maritime heritage during a public recognition event and will have their names engraved on the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame Monument located adjacent to the Lightship Overfalls (LV-118) in Canalfront Park in historic Lewes, Delaware, A Preserve America Community since 2006.

Since its initial 1631 whaling settlement, Delaware has had an intimate relationship with the sea. Watermen, pilots, lifesavers, navigators, tradesmen, businessmen, and military personnel depend on their proximity to the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean for their life’s work. The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame not only honors those who have contributed to Delaware’s maritime heritage but also serves to educate future generations about their important contributions.

The Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame selects and inducts individuals who meet the criteria and spirit of contribution to Delaware’s maritime heritage.

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